Knowledge Center

Fragomen Connect offers a dynamic, interactive interface that facilitates the gathering of information and the transmission of data securely and efficiently. Fragomen represents a wide range of companies and organizations of all sizes and can facilitate the global transfer of employees, in partnership with clients. More information is available at


Fragomen has recently introduced its Knowledge center, and we have explained it in detail on how one can join it.

Knowledge Center by Fragomen 

Fragomen has introduced a new Knowledge Center for its corporate and individual clients in order to keep up with the latest innovations in immigration. Across every aspect and department of Fragomen, knowledge is central. The firm is committed to continuously adding to the breadth and depth of its knowledge base for its clients and its professionals worldwide. Fragomen’s international practice group managing partner, Lance Kaplan, says the new and intuitive information repository puts Fragomen in a stronger position to provide access to a variety of information in an intelligent and insightful manner. Included in the Knowledge Center are:

  • Fragomen provides clients with a comprehensive view of mobility and immigration intelligence in real time, helping clients make informed decisions about immigration programs and improving operational efficiency.
  • Hundreds of different immigration information resources are available by country.
  • Clients can utilize global process guides and document checklists to navigate the visa application process and make informed global mobility decisions.
  • Topics, trends, and issues affecting worldwide immigration.


  • At the Knowledge Center, you can find all of Fragomen’s news items including Client Alerts, blogs, events, and more.
  • Our clients have access to Fragomen’s immigration process videos for assistance with complex immigration processes.
  • A single sign-on solution (SSO) through Fragomen’s Connect client portal provides seamless, centrally-managed access that is customized to meet each user’s specific needs and preferences.