Using Fragomen Connect, you can gather information and transmit data securely and efficiently. As a company it represents a wide range of companies and organizations of all sizes, Fragomen participates in the transfer of employees overseas and assists clients with this process. The Fragomen website provides additional information.


Login portal provides the users with a list of its services, the link for Mobile application, knowledge center, and much more. You can follow the steps given below to sign in at the official portal or of fragomen.

With these capabilities, Fragomen can represent a broad spectrum of companies and organizations of all sizes as well as individuals, facilitating the global transfer of employees in partnership with clients. More information can be found at www.fragomen.com.

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Login Process For Immigration.fragomen.net Portal

To log in to Fragomen, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Immigration Connect by Fragomen site (https://immigration.fragomen.net/).

Step 2: Write down your active username.

Step 3: Enter the password you created when setting up your account.

Step 4: Click the Login button to complete the process.

How to Activate an Account?

When regular users receive an email with their activation key, they will be able to access the Connect Client Portal.

Step 1: Copy the Activation Key provided in the email, then click the link or go to.

Activation keys are valid for a specific number of days indicated in the email.

Step 2: Click Activate Account on the right side of the screen. The Account Activation page will display.

Step 3: Paste (CTRL + V) the copied Activation Key into the Activation Key field.

Step 4: Create a Username and Password. The Password must contain the following:

  • Minimum of 15 characters
  • At least one upper and lowercase letter
  • As well as a number and/or a special character


Step 5: Select a Security Question in the drop-down.

  • Enter a Hint.
  • Enter an answer.

When FORGOT PASSWORD is clicked from the Connect Account Login screen, the Security Question will be asked.

Step 6: Click Activate Account. An email will be sent to confirm account activation.

The portal provides a dynamic and interactive interface that allows its clients to access, gather information, and transmit it efficiently and securely as a result of signing up for Fragomen Connect. Global immigration programs, which include the management of strategic plans, quality controls, government relations, processing of cases, and reporting issues, are among the many responsibilities of the center. One can contact Customer support of Fragomen at T+1 408 919 0600 and F+1 408 919 0615 / Email Address: [email protected] if facing any issues Logging in at Portal.

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